Scripts Needing Flipped

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Q. Why vote for Karen Burnette McCracken?

A. Because together we can flip the script to make life a bit better for the people of WNC and beyond.
The videos highlight people who flipped the script, and we can flip scripts, too.

Q. But how in the world are we supposed to change our lives when the deck is stacked against us?

A. Change the deck.

Hope, Housing, and Hoop-la. Hope and Housing address poverty and other issues. Meanwhile, we're getting a bunch of Hoop-lah from the NCGA.

Window Dressing

In the movie In the Line of Fire, Clint Eastwood's character rants about "window dressing." That's when politicians and administrators make decisions based on optics rather than what would be the most effective way to accomplish a task.

Currently, when it comes to Medicaid Expansion, Broadband Access, and Teacher Pay, North Carolina legislators are highlighting a lot of window dressing in hopes of deceiving North Carolinians into re-electing them. They want you to shout "Hurray!" but mostly, it's a bunch of Hoop-lah.

Affordable Housing-An Avenue for Addressing Poverty, Drug Addiction, Domestic Violence, and Jobs, with Implications in Education

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Poverty-Hope, Genuine Opportunity, and Accumulation

"Poor" is a relative term. I've seen shanty towns in Kenya and Mexico. To them, someone living in a trailer park is "rich." To a foster child whose parents prefer the drug trade over them, the child with loving parents is rich. To the father who hates his job but keeps it because it's the only job he's qualified for, the father who loves his job with sick leave, vacation time, insurance, and 401K is rich. The key is not making everyone the same but improving the system so if people want to change, they have access to resources which can facilitate the change.

The keys for addressing poverty are: Hope, Genuine Opportunity, and Accumulation.

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Climate Change

How often do you walk through your teenager's room?

Why are you laughing?

As a messy teen's room is uninviting, so is a messy environment.

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Outraged over SCOTUS and concerned about women's reproductive health?

This decision is not the end of the story but the beginning of a new chapter. Right now, you’re livid that women’s rights have been undermined, and you’re fearful about how this decision will impact marriage rights and birth control access. 50 years of progress shouldn’t be so quickly undone by a stacked court.

Why your November vote is so critical.

Can you really decrease inflation without a recession? Isn't "decreased inflation" the definition of "recession"?

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