*Teacher Pay

By the way, teachers received a 5% pay increase when last year's budget was passed. Of course, you know inflation is well above 5%. Meanwhile, North Carolina is projected to have a $4 billion surplus this fiscal year and $2 billion surplus next fiscal year. (That's a "B" for "billion".)

Teachers are so thrilled (sarcasm) by this raise, that the attrition rate also rose to 8.2%.

2017-2018 8.09%
2018-2019 7. 5%
2019-2020 7.53%
2020-2021 8.2%

In January, a NEA survey found that 55% of educators are considering leaving the profession. Rather than supporting teachers while they, like the rest of us, have been struggling to adapt to the new normal, Radicalized Republican policitians rally people to attack them. Do they really think a 5% pay raise will compensate for the disrespect leveed against them?

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Hi! So good points here. A lot of other reasons why teachers are leaving include:

1. Lack of support

2. Extreme criticism from the public

3. Having everything blamed on them

4. Lack of time to do their job

5. Student behavior and lack of consequences for students

-Courtney Umphlett