Jeanes Fellows Program

The Jeanes Fellows Program is designed to provide consistent and intentional infrastructure to support community-school relationships using an equity lens. The program will operationalize needed action from 3 foundational documents:

  • The Leandro Action Plan: Sound Basic Education for All: An Action Plan for North Carolina, can be found here. A few key recommendations called for a qualified and well prepared teacher in every classroom and finance and resource allocation.

  • DRIVE Task Force Final Report and Recommendations: a report with 10 key recommendations to increase teacher diversity. Recommendations include affordable postsecondary access, diversity goals for schools and districts, and support networks for educators of color.

  • NC State Board of Education Statewide Strategic Plan: a plan grounded in the guiding principles of equity and the whole child with goals to eliminate opportunity gaps, improve school and district performance, and increasing educator preparedness to meet the needs of every student all to be fulfilled by 2025.

[From Dudley Flood Center Reimagines Jeanes Teachers in Response to Teacher Pipeline and Diversity Issues in NC Public Schools - Public School Forum ( ]