Medicaid Expansion

*Medicaid Expansion

In early June, NC Senate passed HB 149 for Medicaid Expansion. Then, in late June, NC House passed SB 409, its own Medicaid Expansion bill. They're playing Whack-a-Mole, a political game of hitting bills back and forth but never getting a singular Medicaid Expansion bill to the Governor.

Republican legislators want you to believe that if you re-elect them, you'll get Medicaid Expansion. Really? It's been 12 years. Now, even with the federal government footing 90% of the bill and medical providers covering the other 10%, you still haven't agreed on a bill to send to the Governor. How can we trust you?

Credit Where Credit is Due.

The federal government offered North Carolina $1.5 million dollars as part of a 2021 Covid relief bill. The NC Senate plan is "budget-neutral" because 90% is paid by the federal government and 10% by the hospitals. Let's give credit where credit is due. Thank you, Biden Administration and US Congressional Democrats. Thank you, County Commissioners, for sending resolutions to the current Senators, demanding expansion. You are the ones who woke up our legislators so at least bills are being passed by single legislative chambers. However, who's to say, if re-elected, they won't go back to sleep? The job's not done. The House and Senate have not agreed on a bill. Yet, they want to take credit for a Democratic initiative that they've persistently opposed until it was finally of no risk to them.