Women's Reproductive Health:

Kevin Corbin's stance: (Corbin, Kevin - NC Family Voter)

  • Abortion should be prohibited in North Carolina once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

  • Organizations that provide abortions should not be allowed to receive state funds.

To the women and men outraged over the SCOTUS ruling, this decision is not the end of the story but the beginning of a new chapter. Right now, you’re livid that women’s rights have been undermined, and you’re fearful about how this decision will impact marriage rights and birth control access. 50 years of progress shouldn’t be so quickly undone by a stacked court. Click the "expand" arrow for why your November vote is so critical.

We North Carolinians will decide our future. For the moment, though Republicans have a majority in the NC House and Senate (General Assembly), they do not have the 3/5 majority required to overturn a Governor veto.

If the Republican General Assembly passed a bill banning abortion, Governor Cooper would veto it. Then, it could go back to the General Assembly. Both the House and Senate would have to pass the bill with at least a 3/5 majority (72 House votes and 30 Senate votes). So, there’s not much they can do for now.

However, they are only 3 seats away in the House (69) and only 2 seats away in the Senate (28). This November, if the Republicans gain enough seats, they’ll have 2 years to do whatever they want because they’ll be able to override Governor vetoes. However, if Democrats win the House and Senate, Democrats will have 2 years to cooperate with Gov. Cooper in bringing positive change to NC.

As your candidate for NC Senate District 50, I hear you. Voting for Democrats (like me!) this November will protect District 50 and North Carolina from an unchecked Republican agenda and will create a better future. Let’s Get Crackin’. Support McCracken

Flipping the Script

SCOTUS did not ban abortion but opened a new chapter in how we as a nation address this issue. “Authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives.” The ball is in our court.

As a Christian, I believe from conception to eternity, one's life ultimately belongs to God and has value. That's why Kevin and I provide foster care. These kids' lives matter. That’s why I go to 2 jails to have Bible studies with the lady inmates. Their lives matter.

Banning abortion does not end abortions but makes them more dangerous. Pro-life and pro-birth are not the same. If we want the reduce abortions we need to invest in preventing unwanted pregnancies and making alternatives to abortion more viable. We need quality affordable healthcare for general health, prenatal care, and postnatal care, especially for women at high risk for complications in their pregnancies. We need living wages and opportunities for advancement so parents can afford to keep their kids, can afford housing so their children won’t be homeless, and can feed their children. (Food insecurity affects 1 in 4 NC children.)

Furthermore, more needs to be done to provide justice and support for rape survivors and their families. The burden of proof needs to shift to the defense. Convictions ought to require an 18 year minimum sentence, during which time any wages are garnished for child support or used for rape survivor support services.

For absentee fathers, strengthen child support laws. The man’s income ought to be divided equally among himself and his children. 5 kids means each child receives 1/6 of his income, and he lives on the remaining 1/6. If he can’t afford it, he can go to jail and participate in work release. His wages go to his children, and his portion goes to the jail.

Specifically addressing Mississippi, if an unborn child at 15 weeks is of “compelling state interest”, then unborn babies of at least 15 weeks on December 31 count for Child Tax Credits.

In summary, North Carolina District 50 has a choice: allow the Republican agenda to subjugate and oppress women or vote for someone who will work for positive systemic change.